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I thought I would let you know I picked up my rifle last Monday, it is sweet man!!!...Maybe I can get you some business out of our working together.

- Tim P from Minnesota

Picked it up today. Well Done. Thank you.

- Richard B from Texas

Hi Jason, I have not had a chance to go out and shoot my new rifle yet but I was showing it to some friends last night and everyone really liked it. One guy, who always gets high end stuff, said he liked mine better than his and I know he paid at least double what I did. I don't remember what brand he has but I thought you'd like to hear that. I'm planning on going out Saturday to sight everything in.

- John A from Utah

Hello Jason and Tonya, I received my rifle this week from you. I am impressed! I think its a great idea to put together kits like this. You were a pleasure to do business with, professional and courteous. I just want to say thanks and good luck in the future.

- Daniel H from Ohio

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